McMinn County Justice Center

The McMinn County Justice Center, equipped to house 128 inmates,  was built in 1991.  Since that time, additional bedding areas have been installed so that the Justice Center will now house 200 inmates.  There are thirteen housing units in the Justice Center, four (4) are dormitory style, four (4) are medium security and five (5) are maximum security.  Of these thirteen units, only three (3) for females.

The Justice Center is staffed with twenty (20) State Certified Correctional Officers.  These officers have received their training through the Tennessee Correctional Institute and must receive in-service hours annually in order to maintain certification.  There are two (2) full time cooks who prepare all the meals with the assistance of inmate trustees.  These trustees are inmates who have proven themselves to be trustworthy.  There is a full time nurse on staff who is on-site daily and two additional nurses on call 24 hours a day.  There is a physician who is on-site one day a week and on call 24 hours daily.

The Justice Center must undergo annual inspections from Tennessee Correctional Institute.  These inspections are to confirm that the Justice Center is abiding by all local, state and federal standards for county jails.

Visiting hours for the Justice Center vary according to the cellblock area that the inmate is being housed in.  All visitations are conducted on Sundays, with none of these visits being "contact" visits.  All visits are through the glass in the visitation areas.

Specialty programs that are provided for the inmates include GED classes, AA meetings, weekly Bible studies and church services for both men and women.


Phone:   423.745.5620 / 5622